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Detecting Pre-Alzheimer Changes

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Detecting Pre-Alzheimer Changes
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Alzheimer’s Disease is a tragic diagnosis for so many individuals. Such a diagnosis creates a sense of hopelessness for both patients and their families. It is an expensive diagnosis that drains resources and stresses caregivers to the limit. Family members worry whether they too may develop this condition in the future.


Physicians hate making this diagnosis because there's so little that we can do. Now, physicians look to a number of medications and cognitive therapies for the treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease. The problem is that these treatment approaches are only palliative in that they may in some cases slow the progress of the disease and in other cases have no effect.

Documenting Cognitive Impairment

MMT is offering a new proactive approach to Alzheimer that can be performed using a combination of techniques including functional MRI. 

Video explaining the importance of neuroimaging to detect pre-Alzheimer changes before any symptoms have appeared.

The MMT CogniScan can identify pre Alzheimer changes in the brain before symptoms appear. Early detection offers the most hope to stop or slow the progression to full blown Alzheimer’s Disease. These are the individuals that the medical community should be identifying and targeting for preventative treatment. Treatments that are now being evaluated in clinical studies and treatments available outside of clinical studies could be used in individuals whose functional MRI findings suggest they might develop cognitive impairment but have not yet done so. Most people would welcome the opportunity of early screening by functional MRI of the brain to learn if they are predisposed to develop this devastating condition. 

Clinical Study with Pre-Alzheimer's Condition

Actions, treatments you can take if you have pre-Alzheimer changes in your brain.

To order a package to determine if you have changes in your brain that could indicate pre-Alzheimer changes, check here :

Link to our android app for pre-Alzheimer's imaging