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MMT holds unique and key intellectual property in several areas:

Rosetta Database technologies for use of Multi voxel pattern analysis of brain activation for identification of specific thoughts, concepts, emotions. Patent allowed in 2010.

Technologies for correlations between object recognition by fMRI and biometric recognition computer algorithms. Patent allowed in 2013. 

Technologies on the unique design of a video camera (The CogniCam) for optimum data flow for visual recognition of faces and objects. Patent pending.

Proprietary imaging algorythms, voxel activation databases, commercialization plans.

Brain Function Decoding Process And System. US 7,627,370, December 1, 2009. Marks, Donald H.

Brain Function Decoding Process And System. Marks, Donald H. Patent application filed March 25, 2010, US Serial No. 12/731,264, claiming priority to the application filed on March 30, 2009, and assigned Serial No. 61/164,724.

Our patents are both enabling and potentially blocking, giving MMT unique development positions to either commercialize or license.