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Human-link robots walk upright, have a head and eyes, and can interact with people.  These include the Robosapien series.

Mini Robosapien
This little clone of the big Robosapien™ has eyes that light up red when he "comes alive." He strides forward and his fingers can be manipulated to pick up objects. Cool metallic chrome finish, measures 7" x 4" x 8" and weighs 15.5 oz.

Although dexterous and technologically advanced enough to pick a dirty sock off the floor and throw it into the closet, our 14-tall remote controlled robot has his own personality and is apt to throw in a burp or a dance-step while doing his chores. Designed by a former NASA scientist to be easy to operate (unlike previous generations of robots with complex instructions), the robots 67 preprogrammed movements can be quickly commanded by the included remote: Robosapien walks forward and backward, leans over in four directions, and can lift bulky items and pieces of paper alike. Best of all, his movements are quiet and look natural, unlike the jerky gear-gnashing of other toy roboti cs. The android can be set to respond to touch or sound with programmed movements, and comes complete with an attitude your child will enjoy showing off: he whistles, yawns, and kicks with wild yells. Three built-in demos demonstrate his abilities.


Juice Plus+  Whole Food Nutrition for Robot Builders and their families